Kobold Cordless Vacuum (VK7)

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  • Cordless and lightweight
  • Separate motor for the precise control of suction power
  • Sensitive choice accredited
  • Convenient locked parking position to stand upright unassisted

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What's included with the 2-in-1 Vacuum Mop bundle

Kobold Cordless Vacuum Stick (VK7)

The Kobold VK7 is ready to conquer almost any type of floor, upholstery, furniture, mattress or textile.

Kobold Electric Brush (EB7)

Versatile and practical, the Kobold EB7 gives you unrivalled cleaning results on all floor types.

2-in-1 Mop Attachment (SP7)

Simultaneously mop and vacuum hard floors with this time-saving attachment for your Kobold Cordless Vacuum.

4x Kobold VK7 Premium Filter Bags

Kobold Cordless Vacuum Cleaner (VK7) is fitted with premium filter bags certified by TÜV-Nord, ensuring that contact with the vacuumed dust is kept to an absolute minimum.

Kobold VK7 Lithium-ion Battery and Charging Unit

The high-quality lithium-ion battery fully charges in approximately two hours.

Kobold VK7 Car Nozzle (CD7)

The handy Above Floor Set Car Nozzle (CD7) on the Kobold Cordless Vacuum Cleaner (VK7) has been specially designed for cleaning hard to reach nooks in your vehicle.

Kobold VK7 Hose (SB7)

A basic suction hose that allows you to use all the accessories of the Kobold VK7 Cleaning System.

Kobold VK7 Textile Nozzle (TD7)

Use the TD7 to clean cleaning all types of textiles – anything from upholstered furniture to curtains and car seats. It even works brilliantly on clothes to remove pet hair, fibres and lint. Very efficient also for vertical cleaning (e.g. curtains).

Koboclean Universal (50ml)

Gentle cleaning, powerful performance: 3 ml Koboclean Universal in the tank cap of the SP7 cordless vacuum cleaner is sufficient to optimize the cleaning effect of your Kobold 2-in-1 Vacuum Mop (SP7).

3x Kobold Universal Mop Cloth

The Universal Cleaning Cloths wipe your hard floors clean and achieve a superior, streak-free clean.

VK7 Instruction Manual

Let us guide you every step of the way so you can feel supported and be assured.


Tour the Kobold VK7 2-in-1 Vacuum Mop Bundle

Your time freeing dream team

The makers of Thermomix® have excelled again, with a best-in-class 2-in-1 Vacuum Mop that vacuums and mops so efficiently and thoroughly at the same time with around 60m² of floor space being cleaned with one full battery charge⁸.  And the list of tech smarts goes on. Four suction levels, a boost button, plus a reusable microfibre cleaning cloth to catch dirt in corners and along edges more reliably ⁹.

  • Dual cordless mopping and vacuuming
  • Regular, automatic application of moisture to cleaning cloths for perfect moisture control
  • Detachable water tank for interruption-free cleaning
  • Extremely low consumption of water and Koboclean cleaning concentrates

Designed for excellence. Powered to last.

Level up your cleaning and free up more time to enjoy what matters most to you. Vacuum and mop in one effortless sweep, with the multitasking Kobold VK7. Click on the 2-in-1 Vacuum Mop attachment and you're free to swiftly clean any type of hard floor. Now with an even shorter charge time (1.5 to 2 hrs) ², delivering sparkling clean results every time.

  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • German engineered for durability and efficiency
  • Powerful two-motor technology

Breathe easy, it's all in the bag

With our hygienic and sustainable filter bag design, you will never need to worry about dust again. It leaves the air you breathe cleaner – thanks to anti-oudor absorbents, and even fresher smelling with the addition of fragrance chips.

We’ve also taken care of your wellbeing with one clever little filter bag that’s so big on performance, it’s TÜV-Nord Certified, and Sensitive Choice accredited, capturing 99.99% of allergens. Thanks to the premium quality filter bag design, you’ll only need to change your filter bag every 6-8 weeks ⁷ (less than the cost of a coffee per week).

  • Hygienic filter bag is TÜV-Nord certified for allergies
  • Captures pet hair and 99.99% of allergen particles
  • Easy to remove filter bag cleanly, without mess
  • Filter bag consists of over 80% recycled materials

Kobold Cordless Vacuum VK7 with Mop Attachment SP7

Current model

Kobold Cordless Vacuum VB100 with Mop Attachment SPB100

Previous model

Sensitive Choice
Red Dot Design Award
German Innovation Award
Test winner - Stiftung Warentest
Sensitive Choice
Red Dot Design Award
Maintenance-free, BLDC motor with approx. 95,000 rpm
Maintenance-free BLDC motor, approx. 85,000 rpm
Power Consumption
Four suction levels, plus performance mode:
Level 1 (Auto Mode): 89 watts or 63 watts*
Level 2 (Auto Mode): 155 watts or 110 watts*
Level 3: 350 watts
Level 4: 350 watts
Performance mode: 400 watts
*When brushes are deactivated
For suction levels: soft 30 watts, med 80 watts, max 230 watts
Max. Negative Pressure
115 hPa in Level 4
130 hPa in Performance mode
88 hPa
Max. Volume Flow
25 l/sec
21 l/s
Sound Power Level
Sound Power Level (With EB7), Carpet: 78 dB (A) re 1pW
Hard floors: 79 dB (A) re 1 PW
Mop Attachment: 78 dB(A)
Carpet: 78 dB (A) re 1pW
Hard floors: 79 dB (A) re 1 pW
Mop Attachment: 80 dB(A)
High quality, recyclable thermoformed plastic
High quality, recyclable thermoformed plastic
VK7: 22cm x 14cm x 93cm (with unfolded handle)
VK7: 21cm x 14 cm x 55 cm (with folded handle)
EB7: 8 cm x 25 cm x 44 cm
SP7: 10cm x 32cm x 38cm
VB100: 100 cm x 11 cm x 11 cm
EBB100: 25 cm x 31 cm x 7 cm
SPB100: 10 cm (with horizontal joint) x 32cm x 38cm (with horizontal joint)
VK7 ca. 2.32 kg; 3.97 kg incl. the EB7
SP7 Mop Attachment: approx. 3.5 kg (without cloth and with an empty tank)
VB100 ca. 2.1 kg; 3.3 kg incl. the EBB100
SPB100 Mop Attachment: approx. 3.5 kg (without cloth and with an empty tank)
Filter bags
Ideal for allergy sufferers, premium filter bags certified by TÜV-Nord, small and light, volume 0.8 l
Ideal for allergy sufferers, premium filter bags certified by TÜV-Nord, small and light, volume 0.8 l
Tank volume
approx. 300 ml
approx. 300 ml